You have a pretty simple job description…just two major assignments to accomplish and seven years to get them done.

The job is simple. Find out who you are…and how you fit into this messed-up world. Whoever thought such a simple job could get you into so much trouble?

Riverdale Student Ministries is helping students stand strong in the face of today's culture…by committing their lives to something real, relevant and right now.

That's our purpose…what's yours?

We meet every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30 in the Carriage House to connect with other students and to communicate God's truth in a powerful way.

Middle and High School Students:  Come hang out with us every Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30 in the carriage house for answers to life’s big questions.

God is real. He is relevant and knows all about the world you live in right now. He is the authority on dating, drugs, divorce, parents, popularity, friendship, faith, failure, success…you name it. To stand strong and go toe-to-toe with a hard-hitting world, you need to know the truth.

In John 7:37 Jesus says, “if anyone thirsts…come to me and drink.” To stand strong and go toe-to-toe with a hard-hitting world, you need to know the truth. We are all thirsty…born with a raging and inextinguishable thirst. Even songs and movies reflect this deep craving for love, significance, purpose and fulfillment. The reason we're so desperately thirsty is that God made us that way. And then he rigged life so this thirst can only be satisfied by him. God never condemns us for our thirst…only for trying to quench it in the wrong places.

Obey your thirst. Drink deeply…flow freely.

Life Groups are an important part of the overall discipleship process in a person's life.  Lifegroups are created to provide you with the opportunity to grow in your relationship with Christ, and connect with other high school and middle school students who are going through the same ups and downs of teenage life.  They also provide the opportunity to live out your faith together, through various service projects throughout the year. The support, encouragement, and coaching you will receive from your lifegroup will assist you in the transformation your life was meant to experience.  Join a group today!