You'll find events and activities for all ages at Riverdale. Check the calendar to the right for upcoming dates and times. If you're visiting Riverdale for the first time, see our list of frequently asked questions below.

How do I get to Riverdale?

Riverdale Baptist Church is located 5 miles east of the Beltway on Route 202. Click here to get directions.

When are your services?

On Sundays we meet at 9:30 am for Bible study and 10.45 am. for worship. Wednesday's service meets at 7:00 pm and is called “Wednesday Night Refresh” because it's real refreshment in the middle of the week.

What should I wear on Sundays?

Something comfortable. Most of our folks dress casually while others prefer traditional Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes. We believe that God is far more concerned with a person's heart than what they're wearing.

How about Wednesday Night Refresh?

That's another mixed bag, just like the service! A lot of folks come directly from work so the dress is as diverse as the places people work: government, military, maintenance, education, etc.

Where do I go when I get there?

On Sundays please park in the spaces that are reserved for our guests. These spaces are located right in front of the carport entrance to the building. There are also handicap spaces available in the same area. As you enter through the carport, you will be met by one of our greeters. Please feel free to ask them for directions if you wish.

We have a wonderful children's ministry for 3 year olds to 5th grade that teaches and cares for children during the Sunday Bible Study hour as well as the worship service. We also have activities for middle school and high school students that take place concurrently with the Bible study hour.

If you have little ones from new born to 2 years old, you will see the Nursery Check In Station immediately on the left as you enter the building. Nursery care is is available during both Bible study and worship.

What happens during a Sunday morning service?

Our services are relaxed and the atmosphere is friendly and comfortable. Usually we begin with about 30 minutes worshipping and celebrating God's presence through music and song. We take a few minutes each week to greet those around us in the pew and receive an offering (as our guest, please feel no obligation to participate in the offering). The pastor's message is about 30 minutes, and the entire service lasts approximately 75 minutes.

What happens after the service ends?

Please drop by our Welcome Center in the main foyer to receive your first-time visitor gift and meet some of our members. Feel free to stay around for a while and introduce yourself to some new friends.